Aug 26, 2014

Young-adult movie campaigns mine social media

"Most recently, the image-sharing social network We Heart It launched its first movie campaign with the just-released What If, drawing 22,000 followers for CBS Films' romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe.

"You're always looking for places you can do something different and new," says Matt Gilhooley, CBS Films' vice president of interactive, who notes that the We Heart It app boasts 25 million users (80% of whom are under 24 and 75% of whom are female). Indie films such as What If put little emphasis on a TV campaign; instead, "you want a sense of discoverability, so social is great. We go to the core people that we know will be excited about the film early, and then they carry the message."

As the studio discovered with 2013's The Kings of Summer and 2012's Seven Psychopaths, the majority of viewers will find an indie film a few months after its theatrical run on DVD, iTunes and VOD, which makes it all the more imperative for social media to drive conversation for months rather than weeks, says Grey Munford, vice president of corporate communications at CBS Films."

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