Oct 28, 2014

3 Below-the-Radar Films to Catch This Fall

"PRIDE: So often has the inspirational crowd-pleaser been done without much inspiration or pleasure that one as good as "Pride" can now slip below the radar. Perhaps we've grown suspicious of rousing tales from rural Britain, where boys dance their hearts out and steel workers strip. In "Pride," British director Matthew Warchus tells the true tale of when the U.K. miners' strike of the mid-'80s brought together two very different groups. Long accustom to the bullying of police and Margaret Thatcher's government the miners are suffering, some of London's gay community lent their support to the Welsh workers. The miners variously reacted to the embrace with suspicion, angry refusal and gratitude. But the small group, called Lesbians & Gays Support the Miners — led by activist Mark Ashton (a winning Ben Schnetzer) and whose ranks include a flamboyant, disco-dancing Dominic West — have an undaunted generosity. The movie, about fighting for causes of not just one's own, is an ode to empathy. (In select theaters.)"

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