Jun 22, 2009


ET was in Montreal with 'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens on the set of her new film, 'Beastly.' Watch the video to hear our interviews with Vanessa, and cast members Mary-Kate Olsen and Alex Pettyfer! "I think there's a great message in this film, you know, beauty isn't always as it seems to the eye…," Vanessa tells ET. The film, out next summer, is a modern take on 'Beauty and the Beast,' in which Vanessa plays Lindy (the beauty), while Alex plays the vain Kyle Kingson (the beast). So is Vanessa going to share an on-screen kiss with Alex as the beast? "I'm not sure if I actually kiss him in his beast state," Vanessa tells us. "I actually, still to this day, have not seen him in his beast costume because they're saving it as a surprise for me so the reaction is genuine, so I still don't know what to expect." Watch the video for additional highlights from our set visit -- and to find out if Vanessa does any singing in the film! Then, tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, June 22 for more behind the scenes of 'Beastly.' 'Beastly' is expected to hit theaters on July 30, 2010.

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